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How to choose a men's suit

Due to the great differences in the proportions of men's characters, we offer a suit of the same material, especially a jacket and trousers, as the best fit technology of the men's suit on the Internet. Click the link Do you know your size? a table of sizes for men's jacket will be developed, where the height line beginning with number 2 is for smaller stocky figures (150-175 cm), the row beginning with number 5 is for medium height figures (175-195 cm) and the row beginning with number 1 is for high male (195 - 210 cm). The number of the 5-line series, for example, the basic size 50, indicates the half circumference of the male chest (in the case of size 50 it is the jacket for the male circumference 100 cm).

Pants have the same numbering, and if you are a proportional figure, you will fit pants of the same size. Here you can choose the size of the waist circumference, the length of the trouser and compare it with your dimensions, for example, if you have a jacket size 52 - you would have trousers 52 if you have shorter legs compared to normal proportions legs, you will have trousers 106. By choosing the trousers according to the table of dimensions you will avoid testing and returning unsuitable trousers to the appropriate jacket, which of course we can also provide.